A program designed especially for Shafik Pharmacy’s clients in which our specialist creates electronic folders that contain our clients’ health data. The folders also include comprehensive reports of the drugs consumed by the client, the dosage, and a photocopy of prescriptions, tests, and radiography reports.

Updates are instantly applied to existent client’s portfolio

Free blood pressure measures are recorded as part of our client’s health data, same as fasting, two hours after breakfast, and random blood sugar tests (just for a very affordable price) which are also recorded in each client’s portfolio.

Following up the losing weight fitness program in case of obesity or gaining weight in case of skinniness and recording the data to the client’s portfolio that gives the client the chance to get photocopied follow up reports before visiting his/her doctor.

The portfolio also includes e-mails, SMSs, and facebook messages to remind our clients of the dates of their tests, scans and follow-ups.