Your hair beloved differ in its nature, type and the problems it might suffer from. This indeed highlights the fact that it is really very hard to find a ready-made hair oil product that, in any way, deals with all the varieties and differences. On one hand, a ready- made hair oil product can some time consist of ingredients that are too much for someone’s hair. On the other hand, the multiplicity of issues and symptoms such as; dandruff, split-ends, hair loss, and frizz, makes it hard for ready-made oil to handle them all at the same time. That is why, based on years and years of research, studies and scientific experiments in various cases, we reached the conclusion that a laboratory formulated oil is the best way to provide each type of hair with what it essentially needs. Here we offer you our really special program Custom-formulated Oil for a Perfect Hair”.

   Our Ingredients are :

> More than 100 type of herbal oil from all over the world including India in the Far East, Africa, Australia, Europe and South America, but above all, olive oil made in our farms

> Oil extracts consisting of effective substances extracted from medical herbs

> Some vegetarian butter such as; Shea, Cocoa, and mango butter

You just need to answer some questions to help us make you an oil product that suits you, only you, that is when we can surely say makes our oil products perfect.

Answer these questions…. and get perfect oil for your hair.


Custom-formulated Oil for a Perfect Hair